Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Allen County by providing passive outdoor recreational and educational opportunities while conserving and protecting the natural resources of the area for future generations

Core Values


We preserve safe recreational spaces through thoughtful park design and engaging interactions. We work hard to provide an atmosphere of security and comfort through consistently evaluating all aspects of park operations while maintaining and monitoring the parks and facilities for all to enjoy.


We strive to continually expand our knowledge, allowing us to provide exciting and inspirational programming through unique educational experiences that connects EVERYONE to the natural world.


We establish an atmosphere that is inviting, connecting, and preserving of our county’s natural places. We encourage people to get outdoors, explore, and take in fresh air to  promote their physical and emotional health.


We create an encouraging culture where employees enjoy coming to work to utilize their knowledge and experience as park and recreation professionals. We work hard every day to become better for you and for each other, through hands on leadership, teamwork, motivation and innovative ideas.


These are YOUR parks! With honor and integrity, we deliver a positive, friendly, and approachable experience for everyone. We endeavor to be trustworthy stewards of the financial and natural resources that you have entrusted to us.