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Deep Cut Historical Park

Deep Cut Historical Park is so named because it is the deepest “cut” of the Miami and Erie Canal running from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.  This former Ohio Department of Transportation rest stop is leased to the Park District at no cost.  It provides access to over 45 miles of trail along the towpath of the Miami and Erie Canal.  The towpath is a ten foot wide crushed limestone trail perfect for hikers, runners, bicyclists and mountain bikers.

the Park District maintains the section through Deep Cut, the Village of Spencerville maintains the section through the Village, and then the Park District maintains over 9 miles from the north corporation line of Spencerville to the south corporation line of Delphos.


Deep Cut Historical Park is located at 22900 SR 66,
1 mile south of Spencerville.


  • 8.5 acres
  • Picnic area (tables & grills)
  • Shelter