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Lippincott Bird Sanctuary
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Lippincott Bird Sanctuary

Blue BirdsThe land that is currently the Lippincott Bird Sanctuary was donated to the Park District by Bill Lippincott in 1998.  Bill was a former City of Lima Forester who would share his love of trees and nature with all who listened.  There is a diverse array of habitats present at the sanctuary ranging from upland prairies to wetlands to forest.  This habitat in turn creates a opportunity for a variety of wildlife and plant life found in the park.

There are many programs offered by the Park District at the sanctuary including bird walks, butterfly walks, our Walking Through Autumn series (every fall), bird banding, and many others.  This is a place for one to go unwind and walk to discover what nature really has to offer in northwest Ohio.


3093 Bellefontaine Rd., Lima, OH (East of the Allen County Fairgrounds on St. Rt. 117)


  • 0.6 mile hiking trail
  • 5 acres of wetlands
  • 37 acres