Johnny Appleseed Parks Catalog (PDF)

Haver Ridge Metro Park

Haver Ridge Metro Park was purchased and developed through a Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Fund grant. This park is unique in that the topography is unlike any other park within the district, the rolling hills were formed due to glaciers during the last ice age. The history of this park dates to 1876 and the Metzger/Lowry family, who maintained it as a working farm. The family had ownership of the property until the Park District purchased it in 2019.

It is named in dedication to long time Park Director, Kevin Haver. Kevin dedicated forty-two years of his life to public service for the citizens of Allen County. His love for nature is endless and through the conservation of natural resources found on this property, his forethought will continue to serve the people of Allen County for generations to come. There is plenty of wildlife to see on this property and conservation efforts will continue for years to come with the addition of this great park. We hope that you enjoy your time in this quiet and peaceful area.



8335 Bellefontaine Road
Harrod, Ohio 45850


  • 61 acres
  • 2.45 miles of trails
  • Interpretive nature-based signage
  • Wetland complexes
  •  Restored prairie habitat