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Lauer Historical Farm

The Lauer Historical Farm is a very unique park within Allen County. The property has a very rich history dating back to the mid 1830’s when the farm was first put on the tax rolls to help fund the State of Ohio’s efforts to construct the Miami and Erie Canal. The Park District acquired the park in 2006.

The vision and name for the Lauer Historical Farm came from the first Park District commissioner, Ann Lauer, who was very instrumental in the founding of the Park District in 1972 and whose ideas and legacy still live on today. The project was finished in the fall of 2017, with a few more additions to be made in future years.

It a working historical farm dated back to the mid 1930’s through World War II in the mid 1940’s. There are various reservable facilities on the property to accommodate weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, and the like. This farm will be a work in progress for years to come with an endless amount of opportunity for historically accurate programming and farming practices. Lauer Historical Farm Brochure

Shelter Information

Oak Shelter

Shelter Name: Oak
Capacity: 65
FEE: $35

Hickory Shelter

Shelter Name: Hickory
Capacity: 65
FEE: $35

Maple Shelter

Shelter Name: Maple
Capacity: 100
FEE: $50


800 Roush Rd.
Lima, OH 45801

For Reservation Information call 419-221-1232


  • 65.3 acres
  • Reservable facilities
    – Historic Home
    – Bank Barn
    – Celebration Garden Venue
    – Wedding Pergola
  • Water, modern restroom facilities
  • Connected to Ottawa Metro Park and the Ottawa River Bikeway