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Motter Metro Park Map
Motter Metro Park Map.PDF

Motter Metro Park

Motter Metro ParkThe Motter Metro Park was acquired through two parcels, one in 2006 and the other in 2009.  These were both purchased using the Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Fund, a state grant program that helps conserve greenspace.   The parcels were in row crop agriculture when purchased and were planted in prairie grasses to help restore more native grassland habitat.

The Little Riley Creek runs through the property which provides critical habitat for wetland and water species of plants and animals.  The Park District was successful in obtaining an enhancement grant from the Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Fund for nature based interpretive signage in 2018.  In future years a wildlife observation deck and wetland mitigation project will be added at Motter Metro Park.


Motter Metro Park


Motter Metro Park is located at 10740 Columbus Grove-Bluffton Road in Richland Township.


  • 105 acres
  • 1.5 mile mowed grass trail
  • Nature based interpretive signage
  • Wetland
  • Little Riley Creek