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Kendrick Woods

Kendricks Woods SignThe initial acquisition of Kendrick Woods was 181 acres in 1976 through a bequest by Florence Kendrick along with a Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant from the

Kendrick Woods Playground

federal government.   An additional 25 acres were purchased with conservation easements, with the remaining federal grant money in 1985 and 1986. The Park District purchased an additional 11 acres in 1990 and 92.5 acres in 1999.  Various other land purchases haven been made since that time, utilizing donations, grants, and other sources of money to get Kendrick Woods to the size it is today.

There is a section of the park that is dedicated as a State Nature Preserve by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Natural Areas and Preserves.  Is is also considered an Important Bird Area by the Audubon Society due to the unique habitats the park offers for migratory stopovers, as well as, the fact that ten state listed birds have been documented in the area.   there are countless other plant and animal species to discover and enjoy.

Shelter Information

Oak Shelter

Shelter Name: Oak
Capacity: 65
FEE: $50

Hickory Shelter

Shelter Name: Hickory
Capacity: 65
FEE: $50

Maple Shelter

Shelter Name: Maple
Capacity: 100
FEE: $75


971 N. Defiance Trail
Spencerville, OH 45887

Kendrick Woods is located in Amanda Township,
10 miles west of Lima,
1/2 mile north of St. Rt. 81.


  • 533 acres
  • 3 reservable shelters
  • Large picnic area (tables, grills)
  • Water, restroom facilities
  • 1-1/4 acre pond (fishing, skating)
  • 5 miles hiking/cross country skiing trails
  • .33 mile “All People Trail” (boardwalk-handicap accessible)
  • Kiracofe Prairie
  • Evan’s Archery Range
  • Wetland
  • Concrete cornhole boards
  • Horseshoe courts
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Play Equipment