Sassafras albidum

Native to the eastern United States the sassafras tree can be a medium sized tree reaching up to 30-60’ high with a 25-40’ spread. The sassafras tree has a unique leave because it comes in three different configurations. The leaf can be double lobed and appear like a mitten, tri lobed appearing like a dinosaur foot, or no lobes taking a long oval shape. This tree is well known for its beautiful fall colors ranging from red to purple to yellow. The purple berries are readily eaten by all wildlife. Sassafras has also been used in many ways by humans. Throughout its natural range, the roots and bark were once used as a regular spring tonic. A Spanish physician in 1574 announced that sassafras was a cure for almost every human ailment. Currently it is used as a thickening agent in certain creole foods including gumbo.



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